Bing is improving itself by asking humans to find results instead


Microsoft is constantly looking for ways to improve Bing, or more accurately, Bing is constantly looking for ways to improve itself. One way that the company’s search engine hopes to do this is by using humans as a learning tool. Bing is currently experimenting with a new project called Distill that aims to present various queries to actual human users in order to answer them.

Bing, Microsoft’s search engine, is always looking for new ways to improve the service. Everything from taking search outside the browser to finding new ways to curate content based on a search query; the engine is adding many verticals at Microsoft. To help improve common queries and other searches, Microsoft is looking for human help and could be launching the addition to the service in the near future. The product, which we are hearing is called Distill (or that could be the codename) is aimed at bringing humans into the search equation. What sources told Neowin is that the engine is looking to take common and complex queries and present them to users to answer the question. The user will then provide the result which can then be integrated in Bing results.


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