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BitTorrent’s Wave Becomes a Tsunami with 100 Million Active Users

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bittorrent logoDependent entirely on how you feel about piracy, it will either tickle you previously undefined shades of pink or break your heart to learn that BitTorrent has reported that its tools BitTorrent, Mainline and µTorrent now have an active userbase of 100 million per month.

It seems like only yesterday we were forced a peek at Bram Cohen’s attractive* face as he panhandled for donations every time we closed the original BT client. Flash forward and 20 million are logging on per day from 220 nations to share files. Legally, of course.

What makes these figures ever-more impressive is that they don’t include the users of the nigh-countless unofficial clients, of which many of you likely are.

It’s a wonder BitTorrent is comfortable even revealing these numbers (especially considering the aforementioned hundreds of millions more users), considering the service’s reputation as the essential piracy tool. BitTorrent does have initiatives to promote the legal sharing of files (via its Artist Spotlight Program and such), but let’s be honest… what’s in your BT queue right now?

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