BlackBerry’s first Android device will be jam-packed with bloatware


Unsurprisingly, it looks like BlackBerry’s first-ever Android smartphone won’t be running on anything even close to stock Android. Although nothing is official at the moment, a recent tweet from @eveleaks lists all of the BlackBerry-specific APKs that will be pre-installed on the device, known as the Venice, and I’m not really liking what I see. Aside from the BBM messaging app, it all looks like a bunch of BlackBerry-branded bloatware. 

The rumors have been in abundance so far today. There was a ton of Moto 360 news this morning including in-the-wild images and not so long ago a bunch of images of a dummy Xperia Z5 surfaced. That said, there is another device which has been doing the rumor rounds massively of late and that is the rumored BlackBerry smartphone running on Android. “Rumored” because the device has yet to actually see an official announcement or even a confirmation. However, since the rumor first broke, the news and leaks have been coming in thick and fast. Although, most of the images have been animations or renders, they still have been fairly consistent. Not to mention, with the name of the device seemingly unofficially confirmed as the BlackBerry Venice, all that is left is for the actual device to be announced and unveiled.

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