BlackBerry’s Passport gets endorsed by… Tim Allen?


BlackBerry would never do anything gimmicky like pay U2 to play at its flagship phone launch… well, OK, it did sort of appoint Alicia Keys to be its creative director that one time and it did have Wayne Gretsky introduce the Passport, but those two things were totally different because there’s always something pure about what they do! The point is, BlackBerry has never really been about getting celebrity endorsements for its products, although we can’t imagine it will turn them down if they just happen to come along.

Being a Brit I’m no expert on American talk shows. I sure am familiar with Tim Allen though and it looks like the gadget loving movie star is rocking the BlackBerry Passport – and liking it. When it comes to good publicity you can’t beat something like this. I’m not sure how many million people tune into the show but I do know it’s huge. As you’ll see, the pair have a bit of fun regarding the size of the Passport, but that’s not surprising. I would expect people who are not familiar with the device to be a little freaked out by it – not just because of it’s big square shape but in many places, particularly the U.S. it’s not as common to see someone with a BlackBerry compared to the likes of the iPhone or a ‘Droid’. Let’s hope we see more celebs falling for the Passport. Wouldn’t it be great to see them all switching to the device? Will it happen? Only time will tell.

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