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BlackBerry’s upcoming Passport smartphone will allow gesture controls

Just the other day, BlackBerry announced a new handset in the form of the BlackBerry Passport. Based on what we can see, the Passport appears to be the handset that has also been known by its codename, Windermere. Now apart from its unique shape and design, what makes the Windermere so special was its keyboard which was rumored to allow gestures. BlackBerry did not really touch on that feature too much, at least not until recently when they might have revealed the keyboard’s features a bit earlier than they had planned. BlackBerry recently posted onto their blog describing some of the features of its keyboard. The post has since been taken down, presumably because it was not meant to go up yet.

That’s according to BlackBerry who may have just slipped up a bit on a post to their Inside BlackBerry blog. You see, the post went live not that long ago but now it has gone missing meaning whatever was contained in the post, BlackBerry was not quite ready to say as of yet. However, it’s the internet and nothing published to the internet can just disappear into the ether and the post has been captured. “Great keyboards have always been a part of the BlackBerry heritage. With our coming Passport device that has generated a ton of interest, we set out to create a smartphone that would break through and deliver a step change in productivity. Passport will show there is a better way to accomplish more. Besides the massive square touchscreen, we’ve added a new innovative, touch-enabled keyboard to the Passport. It integrates the excellent tactile feel and performance you’ve come to know and love from our keyboards, along with the same capacitive touch technology found on modern phone and tablet touchscreens.”

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