Bladeless fan keeps everyone safe and cold


Every so often we are graced with a product that actual makes practical sense. Yes the USB chiller bag kinda makes sense, but so does a fridge.

Introducing The Bladeless Fan by Dyson. An amazing invention that has won Time magazine’s “Best Invention” award.

How does it work?

A turbine inside the base draws in air and propels it up to the loop amplifier. Air is expelled through a 1-mm slot along the circumference of the loop amplifier and across a 16º airfoil-shaped ramp.

Using the aerodynamic principles of inducement and entrainment, the fan draws air from behind and along its sides into the air stream, producing up to 15X more air velocity than traditional fans.

The bladeless fan produces a smooth, uninterrupted stream of air, unlike typical fan blades that “chop” air into uneven, intermittent breezes. A dial allows smooth, continuous adjustment of air velocity.

The fan’s 5 1/2″-diameter base sets up unobtrusively on a desktop or table, it oscillates 90º, and tilts 10º up or down. 12″ W x 5 1/2″ D x 19 1/2″ H. (4 lbs.)

Ok, enough of the tech talk. Its simple. Its a fan that will cool you down with no risk on injury. I would suggest this product to any home with younger children, especially infants who’s fingers can slip in between the steel cage of a fan and cause harm.

Today is the first I have learned of this product and I will be ordering one after I finish this post. So many times I will use an industrial fan on a photo shoot to emulate wind and so many times I forget to clean it from the previous times use (probably months in between). So I’m sure the models will now appreciate now having the dust that gathers on the blades blow all over their face once I turn it on.

Head over to to purchase your fan for the mediocre price of $299.95, and look, there’s a selection box to have it gift wrapped. The perfect gift for those hot summer days.

Source: Ask Alexia
Bladeless Fan

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