BMW proves that all-electric scooters can be sexy

BMW Motottad Concept E image

BMW Motottad Concept E image

BMW has already announced a new eco sub-brand that will exclusively consist of electric cars and hybrids. But BMW has its sights set on electrifying its motorcycle lineup as well.

The BMW Motottad Concept E is an all-electric emissions-free scooter that made its official debut this week at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The 60-volt concept is good for about 60 miles on a single charge, and it can be fully recharged in just three hours.

While its electric powertrain will undoubtedly boost BMW’s eco-cred, the automaker says it will still deliver performance that’s on-par with a 400-500cc commuter motorcycle.

Instead of using traditional rear-view mirrors, the Concept E also features twin rear-facing video cameras that project images to twin LCD monitors in the cockpit. The same LCD monitors also show the driver battery status, range, and a bevy of vehicle data.

The Concept E marks a new direction for BMW’s motorcycle arm. The company has established a new “Urban Mobility” group that will launch two premium scooters by the end of the year featuring high-performance and efficient two-cylinder engines. Hopefully a vehicle that’s as functional and stylish as the Concept E will reach production soon.

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