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Broadcasters receive studio-grade audio and video with Skype TX

Microsoft has unveiled Skype TX, a new version of its VoIP service geared toward broadcasters. The service uses technology developed by Cat and Mouse to offer the higher-quality audio and video output that media professionals require. Skype TX can handle multiple calls at once through a single interface, and it will eliminate distractions such as call notifications and ads. Considering how often radio stations both big and small rely on Skype to beam in guests, TX definitely has a target audience. 

Microsoft has unveiled a version of its Skype messaging service designed for broadcasters. Skype TX is called a “studio-grade” software born from its acquisition of broadcast partner Cat and Mouse, which is said to provide a high level of hardware and software integration of Skype into the studio environment for video connections outside the studio. Skype TX adds HD-SDI video inputs and outputs, balanced audio, and automatic aspect ratio conversion to the software. API integration and call management has also been tweaked for the system, with ads and call notifications also removed from view in order to make it appear more professional, rather than a stream of a messaging app. Support from a “team of specialist Microsoft-trained broadcast technicians” will also be on hand in case there are any issues.

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