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Bugatti will not produce any more Galibier or Veyron hypercars

Bugatti might me the king of hypercars, but it has been in a bit of a holding pattern recently. However, the head of the company, Dr. Wolfgang Schreiber, knows exactly where to go next, and it doesn’t involve either the rumored SuperVeyron or the four-door Galibier.

Bugatti will build neither a ‘SuperVeyron’ to top the 1183bhp SuperSport, nor a production version of the 2009 Galibier concept, company boss Dr Wolfgang Schreiber has exclusively revealed to Top Gear. Despite rumours of a yet-more-powerful, yet-faster Veyron to send the epochal hypercar into retirement with a bang, Dr Schreiber reckons 268mph is, quite frankly, enough.

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