Build an epic battle mech with common household items


Epic Battle Mech

Anyone who was a kid at some point in their lives has probably imagined having a robotic exoskeleton. If that’s not you, you’re probably reading the wrong blog. This is a site for geeks, afterall.

For the rest of us who wanted a rocket-resistant, well-armed battle mech either remotely controlled from a platform in the background or, even better, that wrapped around our bodies and flowed through our bodily movements to match our actions, the technology behind battle mechs hasn’t come along quite as quickly as hoped. Don’t fret. If you have a mini-fridge, terracotta pots, and a colander, you have the building blocks for your own battle mech suit. It might not be able to withstand a barrage of sidewinder missiles or have shoulder mounted rocket propelled grenade launchers, but it’s probably enough to get our imaginations flowing.

This infographic for the iOS app Epic Mech Wars comes to us from Visually and shows how PVC pipe is more than just a way to let liquids flow.

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