@BurgerKing learns the hard way that your password must be secure


Burger King Twitter Account Hacked

It may never stop happening. Twitter accounts are hacked every hour of every day. Every now and then, a big fish is hacked and the results can be sadly hilarious.

A Twitter account controlled by hacker group Anonymous is claiming responsibility for today’s hacking of the Burger King Twitter account. As can be seen in the image above, they changed the name on the account to “McDonalds” and put the familiar “M” as the profile picture. They then announced that the company had been sold to McDonald’s because “the whopper flopped”.

McDonald’s was quick to express their sympathies and state that they had no part in the hacking. Meanwhile, a social media employee at Wendy’s expressed her fears:

There are ways to make a password “unhackable”. By using the right chain of letters, characters, and numbers, accounts can be protected with nearly 100% security from getting hacked on the front end. Passwords that can be easily remembered are not good passwords. Anyone who runs an account that can be targeted should be made aware of this or fall victim to the same attacks that Burger King is facing.

The account was blocked and has now been reinstated. It is currently set to private.

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