Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare will feature a 3D-printer rifle

As a part of GameInformer’s ongoing coverage of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, the outlet has gone into detail on the weapons and technology that will feature in this November’s installment of the first-person shooter series. The new setting of 2054 allows developer Sledgehammer games to bring into the game’s reality concepts that aren’t even prototypes today. One of those is a 3D Printer Rifle. Note that this is not a gun which has been created through 3D printing, which is possible today, but a gun that 3D prints its ammunition on-the-fly in the weapon’s chamber.

Sledgehammer Games’ Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (check out our cover reveal) is not the first game in the series to move the timeline into the future. However, the studio’s 2054 vision of futuristic tech is more deeply integrated into the gameplay than anything the franchise has seen before. From the Exo suit to a rifle that 3D prints bullets, this is a glimpse into the advanced weaponry and vehicles of Sledgehammer’s solo, new generation Call of Duty debut. Sledgehammer is tapping into relevant modern 3D printer technology for this weapons inspiration, looking far into the future to see what might be possible on the battlefield. Players load in a canister of liquid matter and rack it by pulling back on the bolt. Once securely housed, the internal computer begins printing ammunition on the spot. Players can see the number of bullets created as a digital ammo counter increases. Sledgehammer is still tinkering with the fire rate and power of the 3D printer rifle, but it should dramatically reduce reload time.

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