Call of Duty franchise: should they stop while they’re ahead?


Call of Duty Ghost

Call of Duty has become one of the most popular franchises in the history of video games. The series has undergone an almost complete transformation since its early days, as many gamers overlooked the original World War II titles for the then more popular Medal of Honor first person shooters.

However, Call of Duty has used several different improvements to not only launch it past Medal of Honor, but essentially all other video games and shooters. However, with the latest announcement of its new PlayStation 4 and Xbox 1 title, set to come out towards the end of 2013, some people are wondering if the Call of Duty franchise should just stop while they’re ahead.

When a popular video game comes out, there is almost always a guarantee of a sequel coming out. No matter the kind of game or the type of play it offers, a second game is going to come out, it is just a matter of time. With Call of Duty though, it seems as if a new game title comes out every single year.

The franchise has moved from World War II to a Korean War setting to the Middle East and now the latest offerings of the game take place in the near future. Of course, it isn’t just the decade of the game that has changed and brought new users of the game, but the addition of multiplayer.

The very first Call of Duty games had co-op play, where two players could play the same levels together, but as for large combat scenarios where two teams are pitted against one another, it didn’t come until later, when the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare title hit stores and people saw the advantages of high speed internet and how large scale multiplayer operation could work. Then, with every addition of titles the Call of Duty team added new features to make gamers desire the play more and more.

Now, it is rather obvious the titles are coming out faster in an attempt to increase the revenue flow, but the fact of the matter is the games simply have not slowed down in sales. Because sales are not slowing down and there doesn’t look like there is going to be a slow down any time soon, the Call of Duty franchise should not stop. People are obviously enjoying the games so there is no need to stop.

Video games are different from movies in one key way. While sequels to a movie are often seen as inferior to the previous release and just a money grab for the movie studios, video game sequels offer gamers the opportunity to play new levels of their favorite games, and this is something heavily desirable.

With the upcoming release of new gaming systems players are going to want to test out the system’s new graphics and improved game play with a familiar, yet new game, and this is going to occur with the Call of Duty franchise. The fact of the matter is, until the development team releases a complete dud of a game, players are going to continue forking over large sums of money for the latest release.

If a game is still bringing in money there really is no reason to stop selling and why Call of Duty will continue to live.

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  1. This is a horrible article. You contradict your self throughout the whole thing. Why even write such an article. These aren’t athletes we are talking about these are products. Why would a company even think of stopping the sale of a product a year after its highest sales? I hope that you are just a guest writer and not actually employed by this site.

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