Can we store things on the moon?


Space is vast, and even the nearby moon has roughly the same surface area as the continent of Asia.  There are already plans to use the moon to store copies of the world’s religious texts, but what else could we use it for?


Man began exploring space decades ago, and since then men have even walked on the moon.  There are currently humans living on the space station high in orbit above the earth, so the idea of space missions are nothing new to mankind.

The next step is making travel to the moon a regular thing.  There are many possibilities that could arise from this, including a lunar colony.  It could be powered by solar energy collected from the light side of the moon, and this same solar power could provide power to a spaceship recharging station.  For more about the future of the moon, check out this infographic.

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  1. Zero gravity NO!Propelling a space craft YOU CAN NOT! The
    total amount of energy coming out of tail pipe is only 20-25%
    the other 75-80% just bleeds away meaning a craft is impelled
    thru space making it impossible to travel in interstellar
    space with zero gravity as it would do untold damage to the body (humans MUST have gravity in order to function)
    To travel in space and interstellar space and beyond is to
    use E-M.D.(ELECTRO-MAGNETIC DRIVE)a fuel less form of energy
    enabling a ship to go from one planet to another very quickly
    such as the nearest star system in a matter of minutes and producing it’s own gravitational bubble close to the home planet’s gravity! And eventually with advance technical nohow
    fold space without moving!!

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