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Canadian nudist resort begins accepting Bitcoin

All sorts of businesses are turning to bitcoin every day to meet their needs, but this one right here is just a little bit different. They’re the Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park, and if the name was any hint, it’s a resort for naked people. Located near Toronto, Canada, the Park touts itself as a place where “where the entire family can experience traditional naturist values in a modern setting.” In other words, letting it all hang out. And since naked people don’t have pockets to hold their wallets in, this very well may be a perfect solution.

While many Bitcoin users prefer to shroud themselves in anonymity, there’s a new option for fans of the cryptocurrency who want to put themselves out there—like, all the way out there. A nudist resort in Canada has begun accepting Bitcoin payments. Interested parties can now use Bitcoin to book rest and relaxation time at the Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park or pay for items at its Bare Boutique gift shop, the resort announced in a NSFW blog post on Wednesday. “A virtual currency is perfect for people without pockets!” the post reads. Presumably, people will still need to carry their smartphones to make Bitcoin payments, but let’s not read into that statement too much. Bare Oaks may be the most recent, and perhaps most unique, example of a business getting some skin in the Bitcoin game, but merchants from across the spectrum have flocked to the cryptocurrency of late, in attempt to capitalize on its explosion in popularity.

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