Canon teases new announcement for Thursday

Heads up photographers and Canon fans, it seems that the Japanese camera company has an announcement that they are planning on making this coming Thursday. It is unclear what it is but the teaser was posted on Canon Hong Kong’s Facebook page and all it shows what appears to be a cup that can be found during Japanese tea ceremonies, along with a quote. 

Canon Hong Kong have posted a rather mysterious teaser on their Facebook fan page. The advert hints at an April 24 product announcement, but details are sketchy (and that’s an understatement). According to Canon Watch, the accompanying text reads, “beauty lies not in objects but in the interaction between the shadow and light created by objects.” This line, which is apparently a quotation from an essay by Jun’ichirō Tanizaki, has prompted commenters on Facebook to make wild guesses about the new Canon product, ranging from a monochrome camera to an f/0.95 lens.

What do you think?

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