Casting call for Batman: top 5 candidates for the new film


Bradley Cooper

Comic Con has been making headlines the past few weeks. At Comic Con, producers are known for releasing film, TV, and comic news of all sorts.

The biggest piece of news to surface at this year’s event was the announcement of DC’s Superman/Batman film, set for 2015. Social media agencies have been going wild since the news broke. Fans of the superheroes have been nervously ecstatic about the film and who will be casted as Batman, since Christian Bale (the most recent Batman) declared he would not be in the film.  So who will be Batman, now?

Well many have been speculating on Twitter and Facebook with lists of possible actors, so here’s my list.


5.) Thomas Jane

Jane would make a good Batman mainly because of his work as the Punisher many years ago. While Jane starred as the Punisher, the film was not as successful as Marvel hoped. That means he isn’t necessarily tied down to the rival comic company, and better yet, Jane had a very dominant presence as a powerful, but human hero, which is exactly what Batman needs to be.


4.) Ryan Gosling

I know this is a surprising one, but it comes with good reason. Gosling showed that he has the physical presence to be Batman, but he also has the charm to be Bruce Wayne. And, in his young career, Gosling has delivered some fantastic performances.


3.) Gerard Butler

Butler is just a real man when it comes to film. He has the grit to fight and bear it all in any role. He is not the ideal choice, but he can definitely pull it off if DC was in a hurry to cast the part.


2.) Jason Statham

If he could work on his accent, he could land Batman. Statham has ruled the action movie world and Batman would make him one of the best action hero’s of his time. He is an aggressive actor who rarely shows much emotion in his action, which is key for Batman.


1.) Bradley Cooper

I know this probably has shocked many readers, but I stand firmly by this choice. Cooper is one of the gutsiest actors of our time and he has proven his abilities in any type of role. He has played vast roles from a med-induced mental patient to a comedic drunk.

He has the acting ability and generous looks to knock the Bruce Wayne portion out of the park. He obviously has the physique for Batman and he is well overdue for a film of this nature that will put him on a whole new level. He is more than just a pretty boy actor, Bradley Cooper is a dominant actor who has been stealing scenes in every project he has done.

  1. Jane and Statham can’t act, Gosling looks like a weed, Butler will never look like a billionaires son and Cooper would all too easily be another Clooney. Although out of them all I do think Cooper is the most likely able to pull it off, not sure he can do angry though.

  2. PAY Christian Bale, you want to make money on this film, you will have to pay Christian Bale to reprise the role. You will not reach the monetary value of this film unless you pay Bale. PAY CHRISTIAN BALE!!!!!!

  3. Whats wrong with Christain Bale returning to the role, after all, its Chris Nolan thats in control behind the camera

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