Caterpillar is releasing its new rugged Android phone internationally

While most users are concerned about how sleek or how thin their phone is, whether or not it will use premium materials like metal or glass, there are those who need a phone that is rugged. A phone that will be able to withstand a beating or two, a dunk under water, and so on. Caterpillar is a company known for their construction machinery, but they have also released rugged Android phones. The company has recently announced an upcoming rugged smartphone called the CatB15Q, which presumably is the successor or upgrade over the CatB15 from 2013. Putting that aside, the CatB15Q will also be one of the times when Caterpillar will be rolling out the phone on an international level.

Caterpillar is a company known for releasing some of the toughest Android smartphones out in the market. Traditionally, the most of the company’s products are only available in the US market however its upcoming Cat B15Q rugged Android smartphone will become available in the global market. This device is designed to cope up with the demands of a hard working consumer. According to Oliver Schulte, COO of Cat phones, “With the Cat B15Q we have taken consumer feedback on board from its predecessor and added, for example, a faster processor and improved imaging capabilities. This is the first rugged handset available globally to support Android’s KitKat so users no longer need to choose between smartphone durability and the latest Android features. The B15Q is a key milestone to Cat phones becoming the number one global rugged device vendor by 2015.”

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