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Cats vs Bacon: Which is more viral?

Social Cat Bacon

It’s not exactly a debate for the ages. It might not even be the best debate you’ve checked out today, but it’s worth asking the question. On social media, which is more viral, cats or bacon?

In one corner, you have our feline friends who always end up getting themselves recorded onto video doing something insanely reckless, clumsy, or plain silly. It doesn’t take a professional photographer to be able to snap a shot at the right moment catching a cat doing something funny – they seem to do them all the time.

In the other corner, you have bacon. Juicy, crunch, scrumptious slices of pig seem to make everything better from salads to Filet Mignon, while adding the to pictures is an instant enhancement. Bacon videos don’t fair as well; bacon doesn’t actually do anything and unless you’re Amy Vernon you probably can’t make frying it very interesting either.

We asked the question on our Facebook page and we would love for you to weigh in. Which is the better living or formerly-living animal to make viral on social media?

While you mull it over, here’s how bacon is made.

What do you think?

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