China wants to create its own anti-American smartphones


The vast majority of the world’s smartphones are powered by three operating systems, all of which are developed in the United States, which has many non-Americans concerned about American surveillance programs. Due to these concerns, China has decided to partner up with Alibaba and ZTE to create a new line of smartphones that are not only designed and manufactured in China, but feature components and an operating system that are 100% Chinese.

China is seeking to construct its own uncrackable smartphones in an attempt to evade U.S. surveillance programs, The Wall Street Journal reported. The effort is part of the Asian power’s efforts to develop homegrown technology to replace foreign products. The majority of the smartphone operating systems and processors in China rely on either Apple or Google technology. Hackers frequently infiltrate phones through these components, and China fears that American companies are compromised by U.S. intelligence agencies. In response, Beijing and leading Chinese tech firms are working together to build a secure smartphone for government officials that relies on a domestically built operating system and processor chip, according to the Journal. The efforts include smartphone maker ZTE, chip-design company Spreadtrum Communications and e-commerce giant Alibaba, which last year had its initial public offering on the U.S. stock market.

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