Chinese Web Game Market Explodes


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Three things are now certain in life: death, paying taxes, and Chinese growth. China just so happens to be the one I’m focusing on now. And why is China so important? Video games! More specifically, Web-based video games — those time wasters that we spent hours on, which probably contributed to our economic demise and China’s incredible growth, is now invading China at a hot clip.

How big can it get? The browser-based gaming market in China has already doubled from 990 million yaun ($149 million) in 2009 to 2.28 billion yaun ($343 million) in 2010. Around 15 million Chinese got their gaming on last year, but that is old news with around 25 million being unproductive this year, with an expected 60 million by 2013! Most of this is thanks to Tencent Holdings, Zynga, and Playfish.

Well, maybe this is the opening the rest of the free world needed in order to compete with Chinese economics! Then again, it might just end up that the rest of the world ends up creating games to keep the Chinese entertained. Whatever it takes, right?

As reported by Reuters

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