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Chromecast is getting ready to go international

It’s no secret that Google wants to bring its very popular Chromecast dongle to international markets this year, and it appears that buyers in the U.K. may be the first to officially purchase the device. The Chromecast will apparently launch in the country “within weeks,” according to The Next Web. Local electronics retailer Currys expects to start selling the dongle on March 1st, although Google apparently told the publication the date is “provisional” for now.

Google launched a nifty little device last year that became so popular that even the company said it had underestimated its appeal to consumers. The Chromecast is a $35 dongle that’s capable of streaming media from your PC or mobile device to your TV, provided that the dongle can be plugged into it and that its on the same Wi-Fi network as the device with the content on it. Initially Google only released Chromecast in the U.S., and after a few months of being exclusive to just one country, the dongle is now poised to travel abroad.

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