CISWYWIRMPOA? is basically just Airbnb for Airbnb… if that makes sense

Can I Stay with You While I Rent My Place on Airbnb? (CISWYWIRMPOA?) may not be the most simple name for a service, but it’s definitely one of the most descriptive. As the name heavily implies, this new service essentially acts as an “Airbnb for Airbnb”, where people who want to rent their place out on Airbnb can find another place to stay at while they do so. A niche service to say the least.

Airbnb has grown so large that it’s now spawning other startups that fill the tiniest of niches. Meet “Can I Stay with You While I Rent my Place on Airbnb?” which, perhaps due to the unwieldy name, is also being called the “Airbnb for Airbnb.” Just like the name suggests, this startup — featured this week on Product Hunt — pairs Airbnb hosts together so one can rent out their place and still have a place to sleep. There’s no cost to using the service, but you’ll likely want to come to some agreement with your fellow host before shacking up at their place. The site suggests that you could split some of the cash proceeds from your rental with your new-found Airbnb buddy, or you could offer to host them for free in the future while they rent out their own place to make some dough. Alternatively, you could just share a six-pack and call it a friendship.

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