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Cloud monitoring service Stackdriver gets bought out by Google

Google has snapped up startup Stackdriver that offers a service for developers to monitor apps and services on the cloud. Stackdriver is joining the company’s cloud platform team, Google said Wednesday, without providing the financial details of the transaction. The teams will be working to integrate Stackdriver’s functionality so that Google Cloud Platform customers can take advantage of the monitoring capabilities, which allow customers to have more visibility into errors, performance, behavior, and operations.

Google today announced that it has acquired cloud monitoring service Stackdriver. The company plans to roll many of the service’s features into its Cloud Platform in the coming months. The financial details of the acquisition weren’t disclosed, but the company has raised a total of $15 million in venture funding in two rounds led by Bain Capital and Flybridge Capital respectively. Stackdriver, which launched in 2012, allows its users to monitor their cloud applications, automate some of the devops when things go wrong and see detailed stats about how they are using their cloud platforms. The service is mostly known for monitoring Amazon Web Services but it also supports monitoring individual servers, Rackspace’s cloud services and Google Cloud Engine instances. When I talked to the company last year after it raised its Series B funding round, Stackdriver co-founder Izzy Azeri and Dan Belcher told me they were going to focus more on adding support for additional services, a focus that clearly paid off given today’s acquisition.

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