Coca-Cola uses drones to deliver drinks to workers in Singapore

A few weeks back, drones buzzed up to high-rises under construction in Singapore and dropped off cans of Coke to the migrant workers building the towers. Tucked into the care packages were 2,734 messages from Singaporeans thanking the tradesmen for their hard work. The idea was to link two communities that don’t often come into contact – Singaporean nationals and the migrant workers who travel far from their countries to build the city-state’s apartment buildings, offices and schools.

Drones can be used for all sorts of things, for warfor videographyfor delivery, and even charitable work, as Coca-Cola Singapore has demonstrated recently in a video. For those unfamiliar with Singapore, they’re a very small country that relies on a lot of skyscrapers, namely due to the fact that they’re a little hard pressed for real estate. The construction work done on these developments are also typically outsourced to foreign countries where labor is cheaper than hiring locals, and while this does get the job done, there is also the humanity side of things which shows how these foreign laborers are away from their homes, their families, and how they’re considered to be “invisible” to Singaporeans.

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