CoinVox makes it easy for you to donate bitcoins to politicians

CoinVox, the digital currency services firm for political and nonprofit organizations, today announced that it has officially launched a first-of-its-kind service to help political candidates and organizations accept contributions in Bitcoin while remaining compliant with campaign finance regulations. CoinVox offers immediate assistance to political candidates and organizations seeking to accept Bitcoin donations, with no added fees. Additional consulting services are available to political committees and nonprofits looking to further engage the Bitcoin community.

Sending a bitcoin isn’t that hard – if you know what you’re doing. But since the Federal Election Commission OKed the use of bitcoin by political action committees, things have gotten a little hairy. CoinVox, a service created by Christopher David, is looking to smooth the path from your bitcoin wallet to your favorite politician’s war chest. The service is fairly simple: you sign up for a limited number of accounts and then announce you’re accepting bitcoin via CoinVox. The service simply takes the BTC and forwards the cash to the particular PAC. Easy peasy. What it’s really selling, however, are compliance and advisory tools in order to ensure everything is done by the book. “In addition to its donation platform CoinVox offers technical support advice and access to the best legal experts, donors, and consultants from the Bitcoin community,” said David. “We plan to be the one-stop shop for connecting politicians and nonprofits to the Bitcoin economy.” By working with campaign finance attorneys, the pair can ensure that the money is properly reported and accounted for. It also provides data on donors to maintain compliance with Federal Election Commission rules.

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