Comcast and EA reportedly finalizing cloud-powered game-streaming deal

Comcast is planning to stream games from publisher Electronic Arts to cable TV customers via set-top boxes. After two years of testing, Comcast and EA, one of the largest companies in gaming, are reportedly working to provide games on the cloud-connected X1 cable box system, according to a report cited five anonymous sources. Comcast is looking for ways to ward off encroachments from game console makers like Microsoft and Sony as well as new rivals like Apple TV and Amazon’s Fire TV. 

According to a report today from Reuters, Electronic Arts and Comcast are close to finalizing a deal that would bring EA-published games to Comcast’s X1 TV operating system through cloud-powered streaming. Five separate sources told Reuters that this was the case. According to Reuters, Comcast and EA have tested such a streaming service for more than two years. Games from the Madden, FIFA, Monopoly, and Plants vs. Zombies franchises were called out as those being available for streaming. The report goes on to say that you’ll be able to use a tablet you already own as a controller to play the games, suggesting the games on offer will be smaller, mobile games rather than bigger, console-level titles. The list of available games is reportedly still being hashed out.


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