Comcast broke records with this year’s Xfinity Watchathon

Comcast said this year’s week-long Xfinity Watchathon broke more VOD records, producing 61 million views and 50 million hours of TV bingeing, while also doing its part to boost ratings for shows such as Game of Thrones.   This year’s VOD-fest, which ran March 31 through April 6, served up more than 5,000 episodes from 48 TV networks and more than 130 series via set-top boxes and on mobile devices running Comcast’s authenticated TV Everywhere app. 

It seems as though video on demand (VOD) is still very much a relevant source of content for today’s consumer. Comcast proved so earlier this month with its record-breaking Xfinity “Watchathon Week.” The seven-day event served up more than 3,500 episodes (among some 75 series) from 30 television networks to viewers via set-top boxes, and mobile devices running Comcast’s authenticated TV Everywhere app. Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, and The Good Wife were the three most popular shows respectively during the event, which ran from March 31 through April 6. April 5 was the hottest day of the fest – and the biggest ever for Comcast’s set-top box-based Xfinity On Demand platform: viewers logged a total of 11 million hours in the single 24-hour period, according to a post on Comcast’s blog.

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