Comcast is reportedly looking to test its new streaming platform this year

An article from Gigaom suggests that Comcast is looking to test its streaming platform by the end of the year. The idea of a Comcast streaming service was rumored to be under development by the company in March, but few details have been released since then. Comcast is looking to bring more focused content, hoping to retain audience attention with a variety of channels they already have rights to. Comcast’s senior vice president of video Matt Strauss told the publication that the streaming service would undergo “limited tests” before the end of the year. While it was originally thought to be a competitor with YouTube, the service won’t focus on user generated content at first. The service would still bear some similarities to YouTube as users would be able to upload videos to the service.

Comcast is looking to test a new platform for the distribution of online videos through its new X1 cable set-top boxes by the end of the year, the company’s SVP of Video Matt Strauss confirmed during an interview at the sidelines of the TV of Tomorrow Show this week. Strauss said that the service will be evaluated through what he called “limited tests.” He said that it will have some similarities to YouTube, allowing content creators to directly upload their videos to a server. These videos will then become available via a dedicated app running on Comcast’s X1 box, which the company has been gradually rolling out across its markets. The Information first published a report about Comcast’s plans to experiment with online video in March, citing anonymous sources. Strauss declined to comment on the types of content that will be part of those first tests, but said that the focus won’t be on user-generated content, which YouTube obviously started out with. However, YouTube has put a much bigger focus on professionally-produced and serialized content in recent years, and that seems where Comcast is aiming at with this initiative as well. Strauss said that Comcast will be able to offer content producers a number of monetization options, which could include advertising as well as transactional fees, but said that the company is still evaluating its options.

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