Comcast is workong a new $14.99/month streaming service


Sometime within the next few months, Comcast will be releasing a new streaming service for Xfinity Internet subscribers known as Stream. The rollout will be slow, but the company hopes that this new service will be available across the United States by early 2016. For $14.99/month, Stream subscribers will be able to watch shows from a number of networks on their computers and mobile devices. 

Comcast is launching a new streaming cable TV service, called Stream, that will let Xfinity internet customers pay $15 a month on top of their internet bill to watch shows from around a dozen networks on tablet, laptop, and smartphone. Stream is launching in beta form first in Boston at the end of the summer, before moving to Chicago and Seattle before the end of the year. Comcast says it plans to offer Stream to Xfinity internet customers across the US by early 2016. The service lets subscribers watch shows from HBO, Fox, NBC, and other networks on laptops, tablets, and phones, but it appears that subscribers will only be able to stream inside their home. In addition to live TV, Comcast says the service will also feature on demand movies, access to the TV Everywhere service that lets pay TV subscribers access apps that need a cable subscription, and a cloud DVR that lets users stream recorded shows to their devices.

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