Comcast thinks it can take on YouTube with its own service


Earlier this week, the CEO of YouTube talked about how web videos are reaching younger audiences in a way that traditional television simply isn’t, and it’s not the only one that has arrived to this conclusion. Comcast is thinking the same thing, and it wants to be a part of the transition to web-based content, which is why the company has announced plans to create its own YouTube competitor. 

Comcast’s proposed merger with Time Warner Cable went down in flames, so what is it planning to do now? According to The Information, it’s going to make a big move to create its own online video service to compete with YouTube. “The proposed video service would mark a brand new chapter for Comcast, which would be able to play in a loosely regulated market, reach a national audience and possibly even make its service available outside the U.S.,” The Information reports. “It also may be necessary move, given that younger viewers have been gravitating toward Web videos made by a new generation of artists. One purpose of the service is to add new types of shows to Comcast’s cable package, allowing people to watch them on TV screens.” There’s a big problem that Comcast will have to deal with if it really wants to compete with YouTube, however: Its remarkable unpopularity with consumers.

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