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We all use one form of instant messaging from GTalk to Skype or even good old AIM, we are always looking for ways to talk to others quickly and avoid having our inbox fill up with emails.

There is a platform that will connect your instant messaging services and allow you to add them easily to which you then can create groups with people you want to specifically talk to from your now collaborated contacts list.

IMO, is an app that takes instant messaging to the next level by allowing you to communicate with various groups you create from the platforms you message from, including giving you the ability to record messages within the groups you create in case you are running late to a meeting, or are looking to meet up with a friend.

You can even text from the platform to any mobile or tablet device and support 11 different IM services to connect with, go from chatting on the web to continuously chatting onto your mobile phone without missing a word.

You are also able to share your location to meet with people or find where they are within a crowd. Share photos as soon as you take them to your chat groups and make free phone calls to anyone around the world with the free IMO or Android app.

Turn your platform into a friendly game session or even use it as a meeting room with their whiteboard feature to work together on ideas. Also giving you the ability to share your thoughts on their internal social network and even network and meet new people on their platform.

IMO is the ultimate time saving source that connects you with people you already talk to, to people you can get to know. Allowing you to chat in one spot, instead of all over the web and continue connecting around the globe.

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