Conquer land and lake with a Gibbs Quadski


Quadski Land

The outdoors types of the world have benefited from recent technological advances that make exploring the world easier, more enjoyable, safer, and often more in-depth. It’s one of the promises of technology – simplifying processes. One such simplifier is the Gibbs Quadski, dubbed the “world’s first HSA amphiquad.”

In four seconds, it is able to go from land to lake and back again. It isn’t a slouch at either type of terrain with boasts of speeds up to 45 MPH either way. Here’s a look at it once transformed for water use:

Quadski Water

As Jeff Sabatini at Car and Driver puts it:

The big draw, of course, comes in that netherworld where the Quadski is neither-nor, when you push the button next to the ignition switch that deploys or retracts the wheels and sends the BMW engine’s output to driveshaft or water jet. The experience is underwhelming for the rider, as the rapid changeover happens underwater and out of view. Onlookers will be surprised, however, and that’s the best explanation for why you might drop “around $40,000” on a Quadski—or roughly as much as four Honda Rincon ATVs.

This is any outdoor-geek’s dream – having the ability to conquer both elements from a single vehicle. It will be available in the US any day now. Here it is in action:

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