Coolest Boat In The World That Might Never Be Seen


Ever been in a submarine? I haven’t. But if I ever see the Marion Hyper-Sub, that could very well change in a heartbeat. This thing is a boat that can let you sail the seas or dive below them. Did we mention that it is completely autonomous?

Marion hopes that people will buy these “hyper-subs” for recreational use while businesses use them to offer tours. Also, the company sees companies purchasing these subs for more specific use cases, like underwater salvaging. There is even mention of police and military usage.


This “hyper-sub” is also a boat. A well-equipped boat. It can travel pretty fast for long distances as well. It can reach 75kph with a 880 horse-power engine.

But when you want to DIVE DIVE DIVE, it can reach an impressive 250 feet.

It has been dubbed the “world’s first autonomous, small submarine capable of high speed surface travel over long distances.” Cheesy infomercial video aside, this thing looks way cool.

All it needs now is a periscope and Kelsey Grammer to operate it (Down Periscope).

[via TheDesignBlog]

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