Could the Takee 1 be the world’s first holographic smartphone?


A couple of years ago when the concept of 3D movies was starting to catch on, some companies, namely HTC and LG, decided that it would be a good idea to create 3D phones as well, meaning that users could look forward to 3D content and games without the need for 3D glasses, kind of like the Nintendo 3DS. However fast forward to today, it seems that the idea of 3D phones did not catch on, but could holographic phones be next? Well a device by the name of the Takee 1 is hoping to kick off the trend with its holographic handset, which they are calling the world’s first holographic phone. In some ways it reminds of us Amazon’s recently announced Fire Phone as it does share similar features.

It wasn’t quite long ago when 3D displays were introduced to the mobile world. But, the wave they created before hitting the markets was missing for some reason there when it started rolling out. And now another revolutionary innovation is all set to take place as we are to witness holographic displays to be introduced in the mobiles. Takee, a Chinese mobile phone manufacturer from China, has incubated 3D displays and 3D scanners to the cellular world. The dual cameras geared in front of the mobile make use of scanning the user’s eye and face-line to render the different images. What adds to this prospect is the ability to make it a touchable holographic display with the usage of in-air controls. Wouldn’t that be fun to play your favorite games without any worry of scratching your screen? As a prelude to ushering in the new technology to the mobile domain, Takee has released a video showing the extreme pleasures of viewing, which could really set up a new level of experience. The phone is well powered to bring out the best perfomances for a high power demanding display. The octa core processor along with a full HD 5.5 inch display makes it perfect for 3D gaming, movies and much more.

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