Could wearable tech eventually come to replace your SIM card?

Japanese operator Docomo wants to free your SIM card from your phone to help manage your presence across multiple devices. yesterday, it announced a prototype Portable SIM device it hopes will one day do that. The Verge and Tech In Asia both demoed the device which uses a combination of Bluetooth and NFC to connect with smartphones, tablets and PCs to store and transfer IDs, passwords, and other information used for online shopping and more. The mini device loses its authentication when the connection drops, which provides some level of security — however, the thought of putting a substantial amount of personal information in yet another device might deter some from the concept itself.

Japan’s largest carrier has announced what it describes as the world’s first SIM-based authentication device — in other words, wireless technology that can replace your phone’s SIM card and act as a login for other services. NTT Docomo’s Portable SIM exists only in prototype form right now, incorporating Bluetooth, NFC, and SIM technology into a unit around the size of a credit card. But the carrier plans to downsize the device further for use in wearable electronics, like bracelets. Demonstrating Portable SIM ahead of this week’s Mobile Asia Expo in Shanghai, where the plans are being revealed, Docomo representatives showed how it can enable SIM-less phones to make calls and switch identities with a simple tap. Touching the Portable SIM device to a phone will transfer its caller ID, with the capability to switch entire home screens; Docomo representatives gave the example of using one phone with two Portable SIMs containing separate work and business profiles. You could also use one Portable SIM to unlock your personal data on multiple devices, like a smartphone and tablet.

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