Could you survive a weekend at the gadget-free hotel?


Handing Over

For many in western society, being connected has become a constant state of being. We carry our smartphones everywhere. We have our tablets or laptops available at all times. We spend much of our free time connected to the internet in one way or another.

Gadgets have become an integral part of our daily lives. It’s difficult for many to disconnect.

That seems to be the premise behind the “Zen and the Art of Detox” package at the Marriott’s Renaissance Pittsburgh Hotel. The package comes with a Deluxe King Riverview Room and the amenities of a fancy hotel in beautiful Pennsylvania, but there’s a catch. No gadgets. No laptops. No cell phones. As they say on airlines today, “If it has an on/off switch, it must be turned off.”

In this case, the items in question aren’t just turned off. They must be surrendered to hotel staff upon check in. Instead of a television in the room, there are “literary classics”. Instead of internet, there are kayak lessons.

Returning to a simpler life, even if only for a weekend, may be just what the doctor ordered. Could you handle it?

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