Counter Strike: Global Offensive to offer cross-platform multiplayer matches



With all of the hype building up around first-person shooters COD: Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3, it’s easy to forget that Valve will be releasing CS:GO early in 2012. Just to remind us, they released an official trailer to whet our appetite.

From the Valve camp, we’ve learned that they have kept with the same “feel” as the franchise has held for over 8 years. There will be major graphi improvements and additional features, but the “soul” of the game stays intact. One of the new features will be to have casual and competitive servers to allow new players to enter the franchise while experienced players can remain challenged.

Also to be included is cross-platform gameplay. PC, Mac, and PS3 players will be able to play against each other. XBox players will remain on their own.

Here’s the video.

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