CyanogenMod 12S has finally arrived on the OnePlus One


It may have taken a few months but OnePlus One owners can finally experience Android 5.0 on their device without having to download and install any unstable test builds. Not only has OnePlus just released its official OxygenOS variant of Android 5.0, Cyanogen has finally released the newest version of CyanogenMod to OnePlus One users. The update may take a bit to reach everyone due to the nature of over-the-air updates but it’s here! 

Android users the world over were treated to quite the change of pace last year when the folks from the newly formed Cyanogen Inc. and a spinoff from Oppo launched a new high-end phone with a mid-range price tag. One of the many questions to come from the launch of the OnePlus One was the availability of updates, and with the giant Material Design curve ball Google threw with Android 5.0 it was clear that even veteran software update teams were going to struggle with getting Lollipop on existing phones in a timely fashion. The OnePlus One is a little late to the party, but Android 5.0 — in the form of Cyanogen OS 12S — is finally on its way. This update brings all of the Lollipop goodness with a few extra Cyanogen bits tossed in, and the end result is a decent step forward for all OnePlus users. As has frequently been the case with Android 5.0 updates for most existing devices this year, the first thing you’ll notice when the OnePlus One powers up with Cyanogen OS 12S is a whole lot of Lollipop — specifically Android 5.0.2.

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