Cyber-security becoming a necessity in automotive


Automobiles have evolved a long way from your grandmother’s Buick of yesterday. Computers run many parts of your vehicle today. From electronic brakes, engines, infotainment centers, and instrument clusters, technology has invaded our vehicles. While technology can be a great thing, it can also lead to our demise, which is why automotive cyber security is becoming a popular topic in the news lately.


News television shows have recently proven that yes, your vehicle can be hacked. From controlling your brakes and steering, to more simple invasions like controlling your navigation, cyber hacking of your vehicle is now a reality. You can be taken hostage in your very own high tech vehicle. This is why there is one company that has been prepared to protect your vehicle.

TowerSec ECUSHIELD has created a tested and proven technology to protect your vehicle from cyber attacks. They claim they are ready for immediate deployment into vehicles and are compatible with any vehicle. It can be integrated with existing vehicles and future vehicles with little to no redesign for as little as $10 per vehicle.

This is great news for the auto industry when it comes to protecting their vehicles. Cyber hackers have been known to open doors and take off with vehicles costing dealerships and owners thousands of dollars. This technology is greatly needed especially with autonomous vehicles being run off of computers. ECUSHIELD software would provide continuous monitoring of the software to scan for threats to the vehicles.

With scare tactics being thrown at us from media outlets, it is a relief that there are proven security software solutions out there to protect our investments. Purchasing a vehicle is a huge deal to consumers and although they want the latest technology for comfort, convenience, and safety, they want to know that they will be safe in that vehicle and TowerSec is giving consumers piece of mind.

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