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Czech Republic Turns Lights Out on Google Street View

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Czech Republic.298150945 largeMan, Google just can’t catch a break with Street View. Continuing the trend of countries casting a suspicious eye at the search giant, the Czech Republic has now banned Google from expanding Street View within the country.

While details are still foggy at this point, according to the Office for Personal Data Protection, Google had not registered fro the activity. The office will rap about it next week, and we’ll know more. Because you’re dying to know the fate of Street View in the Czech Republic.

Honestly, though, I kind of get a kick out of Street View. I get to stop and stare at totally alien landscapes like a slack-jawed tourist without leaving my bedroom. Without even putting on pants. Doesn’t everyone want that kind of freedom?

C’mon, guys, Google already apologized back in, like, April. Nobody got hurt. They were sorry. Just let them film your streets. Do it for us.

What do you think?

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