David Attenborough’s new nature documentary is coming to Oulus Rift


Ever want to get immersed in a wildlife documentary? Like, really immersed? You’re going to get your chance soon. Atlantic Productions has revealed to Realscreen that its upcoming Sir David Attenborough project, Conquest of the Skies, is destined for Oculus Rift virtual reality headsets. The studio is shooting all of its footage using an eight-camera rig that will give VR viewers a chance to catch the action from every possible angle.

Sir David Attenborough, famous for his career in nature documentaries, will write and present a new project filmed for the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. Titled Conquest of the Skies, the documentary is currently being filmed in Borneo with an eight-camera rig that can capture a full 360 degree image, Atlantic Productions’ commercial director John Morris told realscreen. He said that the production company has already secured several Oculus Rift development kits and thatConquest of the Skies, will be the first major wildlife production for the device. “In terms of the creative challenge, we look at this as being comparable to the beginning of the film industry,” he said.Morris said he thinks of virtual reality as “a new platform you can monetize,” and that “we’ll see million of these thing being sold.”


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