Dear Steve Jobs: iDon’t Like the ‘iAd’ Name



iKnow this isn’t exactly official — as Apple’s big iPhone 4.0 event happens tomorrow — but there is word spreading around that Apple has another big announcement to make tomorrow, and it is about an advertising platform (yeah, no joke). As amazing as that will be, the name of this platform even more so: they are allegedly going to call it the “iAd” platform.

iThink, however, that it is safe to say now that Steve Jobs is a little too obsessed with the letter “i” and with appending it to the front of other words, and this whole advertising platform is likely to receive the same abuse. It’s getting a little ridiculous.

iShould also point out that the fourth iteration of the iPhone OS is set to launch tomorrow, and that is surely going to be the main focus of the event, but the fact that Apple wants to shove advertisements down our throat is also noteworthy, right?

iDon’t think the “iAd” platform will receive that much praise for the name, but it will likely make Apple some money.

[via DVice]
  1. I came across this site via Stumbleupon and thought, “cool a new site to get the latest news about “techi” trends and the latest gadgets”.
    Then I started to read a few of your articles, especially the ones about Apple, not only the iPad btw.
    Correct me if I am wrong, but it seems as though I Stumbled Upon the rants and raves of a 6 year old having a pissy fit in his editorials, not articles.

    Signed, A Windows User!

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