Dell acquires data mining company StatSoft

Dell has acquired StatSoft, a Tulsa, Oklahoma-based software vendor specializing in data mining and text analysis software. Dell is trying to remake itself as more of a software company since going private in late 2013, but unless there’s something big hiding under the surface, it’s hard to see how much an acquisition like StatSoft can really help further that goal.

Since it went private last year, Dell has been reorienting itself toward business needs. Today, it added a new toolset for data visualization and big data analytics: advanced analytics provider StatSoft, which joins Dell via an acquisition deal of an undisclosed amount. StatSoft, founded in 1984, offers cloud-based, on-premises, or software-as-a-service capabilities for data mining, predictive analytics and data visualization used in trend forecasting, identification of sales leads, “what-if” forecasting, and fraud detection. The company points to its successes in agile manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, risk management, fraud detection, and research.

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