Delta Airlines partners with LinkedIn to create Delta Innovation Class

If you’re an entrepreneur looking to rub elbows with startup royalty, here’s your chance. Delta Airlines announced that it’s partnering with the social networking site LinkedIn to connect high-profile professionals with the business leaders of tomorrow. Through the new mentoring program, called “Innovation Class,” Delta is offering LinkedIn members the chance to fly with leaders from their industry as a way to share ideas and discuss goals and future projects.

A new program being run by Delta is offering the opportunity to meet entrepreneurs at a height like never before; 35,000 feet. Delta Innovation Class hopes to attract innovative leaders and experts from across a range of industries to fly Delta and offer the opportunity for users of LinkedIn to meet with those that share interests to discuss ideas for the duration of a flight to an industry event. The first seat given away was to James Patten, an Interaction Designer who was given the opportunity to fly in a seat next to Eric Migicovskyte, the creator of the Pebble smart watch as he flew to the TED conference on March 14.

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