Demandbase introduces the world’s “first-ever” B2B marketing cloud

Demandbase, the leader in B2B advertising and personalization, today introduced the B2B Marketing Cloud, the first-ever subscription-based marketing platform that enables businesses to precisely target accounts across the web, plan marketing and ad spending, visualize performance, and tie acquisition costs for target accounts to revenue. At the center of the B2B Marketing Cloud is Performance Manager, also launched today, an interactive dashboard that brings ad impressions, web site activity and CRM data into one unified view.

The big focus of most of the major marketing clouds that have launched in the past few years is B2C: working to enable one-to-one communication by brands to millions of connected consumers. That’s actually a departure from where marketing automation began, which is in the business-to-business space. So it’s interesting to see that today DemandBase is launching what it calls the “first-ever” marketing cloud for B2B marketing. And one that all its B2C frenemies already use, according to CEO Chris Golec. “We’re launching the DemandBase B2B marketing cloud — all our suites are being rolled up into really the first marketing cloud for B2B,” he told me yesterday evening from the Marketing Innovation Summit for B2B conference. “The other major marketing cloud companies are all customers of DemandBase … most of their technologies were made for consumers.”

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