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Designers of the Ferrari develop $189,000 hi-tech smart bracelet

The designers of the Ferrari have partnered up with Christophe & Co to develop a $189,000 hi-tech smart bracelet. The expensive wearable will grant you access to exclusive clubs across the world with a flick of the wrist and call to your “dedicated lifestyle manager”, who will presumably be able to advise you on your choice of suit or book tickets for a night at the opera. The device will be powered by kinetic energy generated by your movements.

If you’ve grown tired of waiting for Apple’s iWatch to see the light of day, you might want to consider splashing out on a new smart bracelet from the designers of the Ferrari, particularly if you have $189,000 in your wearable tech fund. The Armill bracelet is being developed by wearables company Christophe & Co in partnership with Ferrari designers Pininfarina, as reported by Re/code. While we haven’t seen a prototype or any mock-up images, it’s hoped that pre-orders will open in summer 2014.


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