Destiny beta will be coming to the PS3 and PS4 first

After its bitter falling out with Microsoft a few years ago, Bungie decided to take a PlayStation-centric approach to all of its games. Consistent with this decision, Bungie has announced that the beta for their newest game, Destiny, will be released on the PS3 and PS4 first. 

Bungie’s Destiny is a new FPS/RPG hybrid set in the distant future, in the aftermath of an apocalyptic series of events that reshaped human civilization and destroyed an empire that spanned the solar system. The company has kept much of its development under wraps, sketching out tidbits of information on the various character classes and enemies, but generally keeping everything close to the chest. Now, the company has released new gameplay footage — and declared that PS4 and PS3 owners will be the first to beta test the title.

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