Detachable Super Mario inspired potted piranha plants


Detachable Super Mario potted plants

The Nintendo Super Mario game was all the rage back in the 80’s and early 90’s, it was for many kids a Saturday morning tradition to sit on the floor and fight for Mario’s love, Princess Peach. Those kids are now all grown up, many with kids of their own but are often reminded of those fond memories by awesome items that take us back in time. If you are that grown up kid, the detachable Super Mario inspired potted piranha plants is a treasured find.

Looking back, technology was a lot simpler, although at the time it did not seem that way, if you had a Nintendo system you were cool and many feet would trample the carpet within your family homes’ living room. Today, we are even more entrenched with technology and have an array of gaming systems to choose from including the classic Nintendo, although it has had quite an update since the days of cartridges.

Gaming consoles are not the only technological advancements that have eaten up our time; we now have various electronic devices in which we can play games on. Having a lot of our time dedicated to our electronics doesn’t leave much time for anything else, and one of the many things that will get left in the dust of our gaming traditions are living plants. We love them, water them when we remember and let the sun do its magic, but plants in real life are too demanding for us, especially when we have crops and gardens we take care of within our games.

Real life plants are boring too since they don’t provide us with any points either, however, the detachable Super Mario inspired potted piranha plants can solve this issue, no you won’t receive points unless you give it as a gift that is, instead, you can surround yourself with retro-styled plants that are interchangeable and don’t die if forgotten about. Not only will you be reminded of your early gaming days, you will also have a really unique item to display when all of your other friends from the 80’s stop by, ohhh to be cool again.

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