Devices using Intel chips to receive exclusive content

Everyone including Intel probably knows that they’re late to the mobile game which is currently dominated by ARM and companies that rely on their technology and architecture, such as Qualcomm, Samsung, Apple, NVIDIA, MediaTek, and etc. To date we’ve seen Intel attempt to gain more ground by catering to lower-end devices although we’re not sure how successful that venture has been. 

After falling behind ARM in the mobile processor market, Intel plans to go on the offensive by creating exclusive content for devices built around its chips. More details about the exclusives will be shared on Thursday during the Intel Developer Forum in Shenzhen, China. But Intel’s software chief Doug Fisher said the U.S. chipmaker wants to work “hand in hand” with vendors to develop unique content within a game or product. The partnerships could even result in building entire software products exclusive to Intel chips, he added.


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